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Last weekend was the season opener for the 10th season of the Virtual Endurance Championship, presented by SimRacing.Club.

First of all huge congratulation to the winners and podium finishers of all classes, including our class competitors Team Vires, Ramada Motorsports, 1AcoAjira RacingNITOR VELOX and Satellite Racing.

In general it wasn't the most successful race for the our team, but let's take a closer look into the results of our cars. 

#6 LM-P1 (Division 1)

Our LM-P1, qualified by Marcell Csincsik, started from a strong 2nd place on the grid. The start went quite good, but Marcell had some issues, therefore he lost a couple of positions. He was fighting back and after one-third of the race, he handed over the car to Csaba Kiss on P5.
Csaba did a good job, but due to a unfortunate disconnect he lost a couple of laps which ended their hopes to get a podium spot. He tried to fight back, running solid stints and after 255 laps he changed to Dániel Bence Wizner. Daniel continued the solid run, making some ground and improved to 5th place. Ricardo Azevedo stepped in for the last 55 laps and brought the car home on P5.

#81 & #82 LM-GT (Division 1)

Our GT's were started by Sascha Glatter (#82) on P2 and Alex Bräutigam (#81) on P7. Both of them did a great job in this close and challenging GT field and were able to keep within the top 5. After 2 hours, Sascha was doing a driver swap to Andreas Schröder. 3 laps into his stint, unfortunately he lost the control on the banking and crashed into the wall. At the end of the start finish straight, another car crashed into the #82 which finished the race completely. 
Our #81 was still in the game for a great result and after 3 hours, Alex handed over the car to Josh Hoare. There was an damage issue during the driver swap, which resulted in a longer repair stop than expected. They lost approx. 7 laps and felt back to the end of the field. Both of them were doing great, with good and competitive pace and were fighting back to 9th place.

#27 LM-P2 (Division 2)

It was the first race for our team in this class, therefore it was more a race to learn. James Duku drove the start and did a great stint, handing over the car to Martin Swaczyna on P5. Unfortunately, Martin made a slight mistake and touched the wall which forced him to repair the damage. The consequence was a loss of 3 laps. Martin drove another stint, handed over the car to Fatih Demirci who was slightly confused during his first meters and crashed at the pit exit into a slow car. Massive damage and another 20 minutes of repair time.
After that it was just a practice run, but the guys including Tom Knoll tried to get at least some points, but unfortunately the gap was too big and they finished "just" on 11th place.

Of course a very frustrating start into a season, but we have shown that we are able to fight against the best teams at SRC. We will try to fight back in the next round at Fuji Speedway on November 4th.

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We are a simracing team which results from the gaming community Game Area 51. Since many of us are only community members, we have decided to set up an independent racing team. After long consideration we choose the teamname Black Hawk Racing and look forward to the new challenges in the upcoming series. We are looking forward to many fights with you on track. Don't hesitate to contact us here, we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.