Yesterday was the 2nd round of the Virtual Le Mans Series and it took place at Road Atlanta in Braselton. 

The weather predicition for this 4 hour race was bad. But both qualifying sessions for LMP 2 and GT stayed dry. Lukas Wirtz qualified the LMP 2 #106 on P16 and our GT #181 qualified by Harald Bachmann achieved P14 in class.

Suddenly, just before the start of the race, it started raining. The race director decided to start the race with 3 laps of code 80 which was in our opinion the right decision.
After the first couple of laps Lukas Wirtz did a great job and fought his way up to P5, despite he already served their drive through penalty from last race. But then he got a hit by the 6th placed LMP2 who tried to overtake Lukas and crashed him into the wall. The consequence was a 144s damage repair stop!
Unfortunately the bad news continued, after 28 laps Lukas lost the control of his car and spun around at turn 1. After that he tried to rejoin the track, missjudged the situation and crashed with an incoming GT. The hit was so hard, that the engine was gone. So sad and we are really sorry for our LMP2 team with Lukas, Tom Knoll and our new driver Tomasz Luty!

The race went better for our GT #181. Harald Bachmann started the race from the back, but did a great first stint in very difficult conditions. He made no mistakes and benefitted from some incidents of other drivers. After 1 and a half hours the team did a driver swap. Mike Horn took the car over on P6.
He had some nice and fair battles with other competitors, had a great pace and could hold his position. With a good strategy, a very smooth driving, he finished onP4. After the first race at Montreal, the GT again just missed the podium but confirmed their strong performance. Congratulations to both of you!

We wish both teams good luck for the next race at Sebring on 28th January 2017.

Press department
Black Hawk Racing